Owned and operated by Dr. Leigh Kjeldsen, Au.D., Valley Audiology has been a leading provider of audiology services in Contra Costa County for over 30 years. We offer hearing tests, fit hearing aids with the latest technology, and provide hearing aid repairs and service. When working with us, you’ll have a trusted partner working to improve your hearing and your health. At Valley Audiology, we are here to help you “Hear Life”.

Hearing Tests

The traditional hearing test shows how softly our patients can hear tones of different frequencies and how softly they can understand speech. At louder volumes we also test how clearly our patients hear speech with and without background noise. If more advanced testing is required we can check the integrity of the eardrum, the pressure in the middle ear and the function of the hair cells in the inner ear. The purpose of hearing testing is to quantify the level of hearing and to discover where breakdowns in the hearing system occur. If we see something that may indicate a medical issue we will refer you back to your primary care doctor.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Counseling

The fitting process starts with a thorough hearing aid evaluation. We use hearing testing results, analysis of the patient’s lifestyle and discussion of patient goals in order to recommend a hearing aid. There are times where we don’t recommend a hearing aid because the patient doesn’t have sufficient hearing difficulty to warrant hearing aids. In these cases we may recommend other amplifying devices like telephone or TV listeners and we will discuss new communication strategies.

On the day of the fitting we spend an hour programming the hearing aids to the appropriate settings, explaining the use and care of the aids and answering the patient’s and family’s questions. At that point, under California State law, patients begin a 45-day trial period. During the trial we see the patient several times to answer questions and fine tune the hearing aids
After the trial period is over we continue to see patients for maintenance and counseling on an on-going basis. Hearing aids require maintenance and while we try to have to do as much maintenance at home at you can, some follow up care in the office will be required.

Living with hearing loss is easier while under the care of educated, compassionate professionals. At Valley Audiology, as our patient, we will counsel you and your family on coping with hearing loss and improving communication strategies.

Hearing Aid Service and Repairs

If we fit your hearing aid, contact us about repairs. If you were not fit with your hearing aids at our practice, we still may be able to help with repairs. Our staff can perform minor in-office repairs on some brands of hearing aids for a small fee. If the aids must go back to the manufacturer for repair, there is a repair charge that includes a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.
All manufacturers will repair their hearing aids for 5 years after the purchase date and some for up to 7 years. Some manufacturers will only allow authorized accounts to repair their hearing aids. Give our office a call to see how we can help. 925-676-8101.

Do I need a Hearing Aid?

  • If you are wondering if you need a hearing aid, ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you need the volume on the TV louder than your family or friends like it?
  • Do you often ask people to repeat themselves especially when there is background noise?
  • Do people sound like they are mumbling if they are not looking directly at you while speaking?
  • Do you avoid situations or activities you used to enjoy because you do not hear well enough?
  • Do you have trouble hearing speakers in meetings or at a place of worship?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it is time to have a hearing test. Hearing tests are usually covered by insurance and we accept many major insurance plans. After the test we will explain the results and answer all of your questions. We may recommend hearing aids but there is never any pressure to buy. Give our office a call to schedule your hearing test appointment.

Patient Forms

Here are some handy PDF versions of our patient forms.
You can download and fill out on your computer, then print and bring them to your next appointment, or you can simply print them out and fill them out by hand.

New Client HIPAA Form
New Client HIPAA Form
Client Face Sheet
Client Face Sheet


Payment of co-pays and services not covered by insurance must be made at the time of service.
We will bill the primary and secondary insurance as a courtesy to our patients.  However, the balance due is the patient’s responsibility and we expect full payment if a denial is received from the insurance company.
We accept payment by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover.
We offer a financing plan through CareCredit on amounts over $500.
12-months interest free 24, 36 or 48 month plans available with interest
We work with many Worker’s Compensation groups. Patients covered by Worker’s Compensation require prior authorization before being seen.
If you have any questions about insurance or payment, please call our office at 925-676-8101 and we are happy to talk with you.

Office Locations

Office Locations

Concord Office
2415 High School Ave. #300
Concord, CA 94520
tel: (925) 676-8101
fax: (925) 676-8420

Walnut Creek Office
John Muir Outpatient Center
1220 Rossmoor Parkway
Walnut Creek, CA 94595
tel: (925) 676-8101
fax: (925) 676-8420
(925) 676-8101