Hearing Aids

What brands of hearing aids does Valley Audiology sell?

We carry a variety of hearing aids from major manufacturers that offer quality products and excellent customer service.

Regardless of the brand of hearing aid, any product carried by Valley Audiology has met the rigorous standards of our audiologists based on years of experience working with patients.  While our preferences change year to year based on the latest technology available, we often carry the same brands including Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Unitron and Widex.


Hearing Aid Styles

There are many hearing aids available on the market today and one size does not fit all. When you meet with your audiologist she will determine your needs and preferences and will recommend hearing aids that would best suit you. The following is a brief introduction to the decisions you will make when buying a hearing aid.

What does it look like?

Hearing aids come in five basic styles and your audiologist can help you find the which style(s) would be the most suitable for you.

P017_Alta_BTE13_Hook_63DiamondBlackBehind the Ear Style

The behind the ear hearing aid is the most versatile. It is the hearing aid of choice for children and it is an excellent choice for people who have had trouble with hearing aid maintenance in the past. The battery lasts longer and the larger size of the hearing aid has space for options such as a volume control and directional microphones.

Alta2Receiver in the Canal

Also known as the RIC or RITE style of aid, this hearing aid’s speaker is worn in the ear and the microphone is behind the ear allowing for a smaller, more cosmetically appealing aid.  This one of the most popular styles of hearing aid today because the sound quality is good, the comfort is excellent and it is very easy to use.

In the Ear Style

The in the ear style aid is especially good for those who have trouble with their vision or dexterity. The large size allows for a larger battery and most aids can be ordered with options such as a volume control and directional microphones.

In the Canal Style

The canal style is a smaller version of in the ear style of aid profiled above.  It is also easy to insert and remove. It has a smaller battery than the in the ear aid and therefore will have to be changed more often. The smaller size is attractive but it cannot always accommodate all features.

nano_left_horizontalCompletely in the Canal Style

The completely in the canal style of aid is the smallest available. Once in the ear it can hardly be seen making it very cosmetically appealing.  It has a natural microphone placement so it works well on the telephone, but it does have a small battery that needs to be changed often.  While a favorite cosmetically, it is not suitable for all patients.

What level of technology do I need?

Almost all of the hearing aids we fit now are digital. They have small computer chips that sample sounds in the environment and make decisions about how much or how little to amplify those sounds. There is a wide range of price and technology from simple digital aids with good sound quality to high tech aids with directional microphones and multiple programs. The best type for you depends upon your hearing loss, your lifestyle and your listening environments.  Prices range from $1250 for a basic digital aid to $3250 for the most high technology option.   There are many levels of pricing in between and we will work with you to find the hearing aids that meet your needs and your budget.

What else can you help me with at Valley Audiology?

In addition to hearing aids we offer many hearing aid accessories and we make custom earmolds for hearing aids, hearing protection or to fit onto standard earbuds. We can show you assistive listening devices that can be used instead of buying a hearing aid or used in addition to your hearing aid. We can tell you about devices for hearing the television, doorbell, alarm clock, smoke alarm and telephone. We are also knowledgeable about FM systems that can be used in conjunction with your hearing aids to improve your hearing in noisy situations.

Wireless Technologies

In our increasingly connected world, patients want to be able to hear their telephones and televisions as well as they can hear the person standing right next to them.  All hearing aid manufacturers offer wireless solutions with many of their products.  However, some of the smallest hearing aids on the market do not have wireless capability.


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